Donating Medicines


You are an individual, an association or a company and you wish to help those in need by donating medicines?

This is a generous intention which however calls for certain precautions. Medicine is a specific product which can represent risks for health if not used in right conditions. Whether it is in emergency situations or not, the donation of unused medicines (MNU) is strictly regulated by rules and quality standards.

You are a private individual

You wish to help those in need by organizing a drug donation campaign. This is a generous intention, but which is subject to precaution: a drug donation which is not adapted to the beneficiaries' needs can have unwanted, or even dangerous consequences.

At present, numerous humanitarian associations active in the health field, such as the ICRC, the UNHCR, MSF or PSF, have pledged to follow the WHO Guidelines for Drug Donations. Therefore, they all make a commitment to stop sending unused medicines (MNU) to the countries they support.

More information:

  • Consult our special file on Unused Medicines (MNU) by clicking here
  • Get to know our policy rgarding drug donations by clicking here


Help in Switzerland: Contact the associations which sort out unused medicines

In certain cantons, there are associations which collect and sort out unused medicines and redistribute them in Switzerland only.

In Geneva, we advise you to contact the “Pharmaciens du coeur”, whose mission is described here (in French only): Pharmaciens du coeurPharmacies du coeur - GE


  • Pharmacie du 31 Décembre: Rue du 31-Décembre 43, 1207 Genève
  • Pharmacie Bédat: Bvd James Fazy 7, 1201 Genève


Soins Sri Lanka PSFTo help the a different way

International solidarity needs you differently: rather than sending medicines often unadapted to the needs of the beneficiaries, unknown by the local healthcare professionals and competing with the local distribution channel, do support the associations that take action for access to essential quality medicines and for training of healthcare professionals!

Rapporter ses médicaments

What should you do with your unused medicines (MNU)?

The first solution to avoid the wasting of MNU is to inform your doctor what medicines you already have at your diposal at home when he prescribes or renews his prescription.

Otherwise, we strongly recommend you to bring your unused medicines to your local pharmacist, who usually undertakes their destruction. As for packagings and leaflets, they are considered as common household waste.


If you are a healthcare professional or work for a pharmaceutical company

ASPTSUse the PSF Switzerland Internet Platform of exchange of medicines

Healthcare professionals (doctors, pharmacists, etc.) or representatives of pharmaceutical industries are deeply encouraged to collaborate in our project "Access to health for all: in Switzerland also!".This project aims at improving access to care and quality medicines for “Sans-Papiers” and vulnerable people of Switzerland.

To help us, all you have to do is send us a list of available medicines (with expiry date) which we will publish via our Internet Platform that assists the members of the national Platform in medical care for “Sans-Papiers”.