Who are we?

Who are we?

Founded in 1992 in Geneva, Pharmacists without Borders Switzerland (PSF-CH) is a nonprofit association, according to Article 60 and those following, of the Swiss Civil Code.

Since its creation, it aims at improving the quality health care everywhere and for everyone, without any racial, ethnical, religious or gender discriminations. It recognizes and follows the principles of equality amongst people and the universal right to live in dignity, expressed in the United Nations Universal Human Rights Declaration of the 10th December 1948, including the access of reference medicines.

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Structure of the association

Status (only available in French): Statuts PSF Suisse.pdf


PSF associations around the world

There are several PSF labeled associations worldwide that recognize and follow the Pharmacists Without Borders Movement Charter. It defines the principles of humanitarian ethics, which include the rejection of discrimination, compliance with WHO guidelines for drug donations and a sustainable development policy seeking beneficiaries’ autonomy.

To see the PSF Movement Charter (only available in French), click here: Charte du mouvement PSF International.pdf

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