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With the support of its partners, PSF Switzerland provides various tools and documents, adapted to the problems that health and pharmacy staff may face in countries with limited health institutions.

Pharm-Ed project

The Pharmacy of the University Hospitals of Geneva, a partner of PSF Switzerland, has developed the Pharm-Ed platform, which aims to strengthen the skills of health staff in hospital pharmacies in resource-limited countries.

Access to the platform is free of charge – to follow the courses, a free registration is also required!

Pharm-Ed > acces to the platform.



  • Access to the e-learning lessons
  • The templates of documents needed for the implementation of local production (protocol and production report, checklist of materials needed for production, etc.) accessible under the “resources” tab
  • To the video tutorial for local production
  • Link to the course on hand hygiene and local production of hydro-alcoholic solution
  • Direct Youtube link for gel production

    Manufactured masks drying in the open air. Madagascar, 2020. © PSF Switzerland

    Available soon!

    In order to strengthen and broaden the transfer of competences in community pharmacy, PSF Switzerland, in collaboration with Pharm-Ed, is currently developing a platform for health staff in dispensaries. The platform is intended to be fun and adapted to the different types of health centres with which PSF Switzerland works. For more information, please click  here