Consultation at St Vincent Health Care Centre. South Sudan, 2019. © ASASE

South Sudan

In February 2018, the Swiss Association of Friends of Sister Emmanuelle (ASASE) and their Sudanese partner, the Society of St Vincent de Paul (SSVP), approached PSF Switzerland with the aim of considering a collaboration at the St Vincent Health Care Centre (SVHCC) located in Nyarjwa, three quarters of an hour from Juba (South Sudan). The need for medicines, support for local teams and strengthening the skills of pharmacists were the reasons given by both partners. The evaluation carried out by PSF Switzerland in October 2018 has confirmed the need for intervention, leading to the development of this humanitarian project adapted to the country’s delicate and unstable situation.

The positive impacts of this first project cycle, combined with the continuing needs, have led PSF Switzerland to renew a one-year project in 2022.

Feedback on the multi-year project (2019-2021)

Annual project 2022

Management of Covid-19 in South Sudan

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